Always Positive

Bought multiple vehicles from MCL and always had positive experiences from sales, business office and especially service. The service team has always gone above and beyond for me and I've always had top-notch service. Definitely recommend MCL!

Other customers satisfied


Wonderful experience when we bought our last car. Not always the case with other dealerships.


Good service!


Excellent service. Informative and helpful agents. Superb products sold by a superb group of people.

Great Customer Service

The two staff I interacted with were very knowledgeable. The support guy who just delivers the vehicles to the customers was happy to answer questions unlike at other dealerships, where they act all afraid to lose their job and go hide if the customer has a question they have an answer to. Shane Li was very modest and chill. Not very pushy. He just answered questions and gave me prices, which is all I wanted. I’ve gone to other dealerships where they’re extremely pushy and ask all these crazy questions before giving me an answer. Here, they seem to have a no BS policy in that they don’t push sales too hard and don’t require much of my time if I want to walk in and ask questions for 3 minutes and then be left to my own devices.

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